School Dances

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As a student you want to have fun, dance all night and enjoy the evening with your friends. As a school staff member you want to make sure the entertainment is professional and make sure the music your students are dancing to is clean and non-explicit. The Music Man DJ Service strikes that balance. All of our music is edited for language while still maintaining the high energy and fun that your students want throughout the evening.

“Mitch and his team are fantastic! Very well organized and so professional. You know it’s a great time when not a single chair had a person in it.”

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What Our Clients Say

Our DJ from the Music Man was fantastic! He kept the dance floor alive all night, had a good sense of humor, and played all of the songs that we wanted.

You've Come to the Right DJ Team

Have you ever seen a DJ at a school dance who wasn’t in tune with the current music? Have you found yourself on the dance floor only to hear some dance song that would have been better suited for your parents’ school dance? With The Music Man DJ Service we stay current with our music selection. We understand that you want to hear the latest chart topping hits that will fill your dance floor and elevate the fun times you share with your friends. Our goal is to make sure you and your friends are talking about the school dance long after it’s over.

“There wasn’t one song where the dance floor was empty and we could have gone all night!”

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